So this kind of goes with my last post. I had a vegan friend who I also worked with, she would always tell people her opinions on food whether they asked or not. But if someone wanted to give her their opinion she would get mad and defensive about it. She had this view of the world where everyone could be vegan and live happily and what not. Thats great, however that is not realistic. Anyway, she posted a sarcastic post on facebook about why people hate vegans. And after hearing her vegan stuff for so long I just couldn’t do it anymore and commented and told her the real reasons people hate vegans. People hate vegans because they’re judgemental, they claim to be open minded when really they’re not and bascially they only like you if you are also a vegan. People commented on her status saying I was a terrible person. One lady said I was awful because I was okay with torturing and eating animals. I had to laugh because she just proved my point about vegans being judgemental because I am a vegetarian, I just don’t shove it in peoples face. And then another guy started commenting on it but the entire time he kept calling me names, saying I was boring and average and an idiot, shit like that. He could not make his point without trying to attack me as a person. Which I don’t think is okay at all. My whole argument I never said anything about anyone specifically it was just a general observation. But of course they didn’t want to listen to what I was saying because they’re vegan and I am not. So anyway after all of this my “friend” never once stood up for me, she just agreed with this guy (who she has never met) and after about an hour of pointless arguing and being called names I just gave up and posted a picture that said “everything is better with bacon”. Now remember I am a vegetarian, I don’t even eat bacon.. well my friend got suuuper pissed and blocked me on facebook then texted me and told me what an awful person I am. Like really? This guy was clearly just sitting there trying to personally attack me, I was just done with that shit. So whatever now she doesn’t want to be my friend because I am “heartless” for posting that picture. The whole thing just kind of made me laugh. Honestly, I probably could have avoided the whole thing and really probably should have since I work with her but oh well. I just couldn’t take her being so judgemental anymore. She sees that a person eats meat and automatically they are a bad person and I just think that is ridiculous.


Keep you opinions to yourself

Everyone has opinions, that’s great. What is not great is shoving your opinions down other peoples throats and getting offended when they actually speak up. I do not and will not ever understand why when some people have an opinion they view theirs as the ONLY opinion and anything anyone else says is wrong. That is not how the world works, and that is never how the world is going to work. So the group of people I am talking about right now are vegans. I have a vegan friend, I have listened to other vegans talk and it is just ridiculous the way they think. It is fine for you to have an opinion and it is even okay to share your opinions with others but let people speak, let them have an opinion too. I am a vegetarian, yes I think killing and eating animals is terrible but I realize not everyone is going to share that opinion. So instead of crying to everyone and trying to get them to give up meat I just eat my food in quiet without saying anything. My vegan friend loves animals, will tell everyone why she is vegan but as soon as someone tells them her opinion she gets very offended and gets defensive about it. I just hate that she and others feel like they can share their opinion and just completely disregard others opinions. Another thing that bothers me about vegans is that they feel like their way is the only way. If you eat meat then you are wrong. To me, this is a ridiculous way to think. People eat meat, people are going to eat meat and vegans need to start accepting that. From what I understand vegans are supposed to be very loving, caring, and open minded but they are anything but. They are judging, only loving towards like minded people and are very very close minded. Why can’t we just love and accept everyone? I think if they would just realize that people are going to eat meat then they could see other positives in the person instead of seeing that they eat meat and think they’re a terrible person.

I needed to rant.

Food and the shit that’s in it..

So I have been vegetarian for four months now and out of all of the times I’ve attempted being vegetarian this has definetly been the easiest so far. This is also the longest I have lasted being vegetarian (:so that makes me happy. At this point I don’t think I will eat meat ever again, it’s not even appealing to me anymore. Since I have been vegetarian I have been paying more attention to what is in my food, which means spending a lot of time at the grocery store reading ingredient lists. Eventually I would like to be totatlly vegan and cut out dairy and eggs completely but right now that’s too difficult. Dairy and eggs are in everythingg for real.
So what really bothers me is that in a lot of ‘organic’ or ‘vegan’ foods they contain palm oil, which I have no idea how that can be considered vegan. Palm oil is in the same habitat as orangutans and we have been killing off the orangutans just so we can have the palm oil. Vegans are against torturing and eating animals but what about stuff like palm oil that also effects animals in such a large way? Of course it is terrible to eat cows and chickens but they are definitely not going to become endangered any time soon, or ever if we keep making them reproduce the way we are. But the orangutans are going to eventually become extinct if we keep allowing palm oil to be used as much as it is. Even my friends who are not vegetarian or vegan think palm oil is terrible, even my boyfriend who is all for killing animals thinks palm oil is awful. So how can us vegetarians and vegans allow this stuff to be in our food without caring??
The more I read the ingredient lists in my food the more I want to just be a raw vegan. At least that way I know exactly what I am eating. I will never understand why we have to put such nasty shit in our food.

New years

With new years coming up I have been thinking a lot about what I want this year’s resolution to be. I have already started eating healthier and exercising more.. I really should quit soda all together but once in awhile it’s a nice treat. But finally I decided I want to try being “trash free”. I don’t think I can do it completely because all of my animals foods come in bags but my food and cleaning supplies I could probably do. I want to try it for one month and we’ll see how that goes. Who knows, if it’s easier than I think it will be then maybe I’ll continue to do it. I haven’t decided when yet, but I’m thinking I’ll try it in February that way I’ll have January to plan everything out.
I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

Happy Holidays!

It’s the holiday season and I am so excited! I love this time of year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, even though most people tend to forget about it, but it is definitely my favorite. This thanksgiving was kind of eh because a lot of my family had other things going on but it was still pretty good. So now it’s time to get ready for Christmas! My second favorite holiday. I absolutely love decorating for Christmas. Matt and I bought our first REAL tree together, it was super exciting and made me so happy. Now we still have to decorate it. The dogs have been getting ready for Christmas too, they all have cute little outfits and they’re going to be on our Christmas card this year. They’re sooo cute.
So besides holidays I’ve just been working 60+ hours every week, only one job at the moment. And no school for me. It’s just too damn expensive. I really wish I could go back to school but that won’t be happening any time soon I guess. I need to figure out what I want to do with my life anyway.. I can’t decide if I want to continue with the vet tech things, go to be a nutritionist or go for psychology and maybe a masters in Autism…but I have NO maybe I’ll just do all of them lmao. Thats usually what I do when I cant decided lol. Oh well I have a little bit to figure all of that out, and it’s probably better I figure it out before actually going to school anyway. So we’ll see.

Heres some happy pups getting ready for Christmas!



I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve made a post. So much has happened.. School got too expensive so I had to withdraw and it sucked. But now I’m not sure vet tech is the career for me anyway. I got two other jobs and then quit one already and I’m back to being vegetarian again!
I’ll post something more detailed later..
For now enjoy a picture of my pups


Sometimes life sucks..

I have been having a really hard time lately just dealing with life. I did really bad on my midterms, worse than I’ve ever done in my life so that brought me down a bit. And I was sick the entire week of midterms so I just felt awful. I’m so torn between staying in school as a Veterinary Technician and just quitting before I get too far into it. I don’t know what to do. And it’s so expensive so I have to work a lot just to pay for it which is also stressful. And the only person I want to talk to about it is my mom :(. Her and my grandma have been on my mind a lot lately. She wasn’t always there for me but when she was I could always talk to her.. I miss that. I miss how she knew exactly what I was feeling and knew how to help. I tried asking my dad for advice and his only advice was to not work as much, which isn’t really an option and then he just stopped replying to me.. My mom would always try to help as much as she could. I just wish I had that again. I wish I could hug her and tell her how much I love her.. I wish I would have spent more time with her while she was around.. Towards the end we weren’t really that close and I wish we would have been. I wish I would have tried to help her more. Just after years and years of dealing with her alcoholism it got to hard to keep putting myself out there just to get hurt again.. But at this point it would have been worth it to be hurt but at least I would have had a little more time with her.
So.. That’s my life right now. I feel pretty shitty. I can’t wait for this semester to be done.